Valeria P.

Valeria P. (Italy)

Valeria is born in Cremona on 4 april 1990, apparently in good health, from not consanguineous parents.

The first symptoms of the desease showed itself after the trivalent vaccination (polio-vaccine, antidiphtheric, antitetanic) on 25 June 1990.

During the following months the baby is nervous and continually cries, she has always a slight persistant fever, a faraway look and apathy.

The diagnosis is made, when Valeria is eight months old, in a neurological hospital in Pavia after a long series of exhaustive tests.

Since the baby is one year starts with the physiotherapy and some months later we begin to have the first important improvements.

From then on Valeria has always proceeded with little improvements overall since she began to frequent a specialized centre in Verona.

The placement in the children-school and the contact with other children, who she loves, have had an important role in this one.

Now Valeria is ten years old, she is a very sensitive and tranquil baby with a very vital look.

She is able to make understand herself also and not only by "special (facilitated)-communication" using a P.C. with a special keyboard.

Since one year Valeria has solved, by a neurological therapy, her regurgitation (refluxing) problems this one has substantially reduced the spasticity, improved the mastication (now she can eat everything) and the sleep (finally she can fall asleep by herself and alone in her bed).