Kirsty Jayne

Kirsty Jayne P. (England)



Kirsty Jayne Pearce. Born 22nd February 1986. Passed away 29th August 2003.
Diagnosed with Acardi Goutieres Syndrome in December 2009 by the pathology
department at St James's hospital Leeds, England.

From DNA that had been stored in Great Ormond Street hospital London since her death.


Birth Weight: 1.07 kg.

Associated problems.

Polyarticular Junior Chronic Arthritis
Intracranial Calcifications.
Complex Seizures
Raynauds Syndrome
Right Bilateral Retinal Detachment
Growth Failure (below 3rd centile)
Learning Difficulties
Generalised Osteoporosis
Repetitive episodes of unexplained Pulmonary Oedema.

Hospital admissions were one hundred and one in total in, USA, France, and
England and baffled every doctor that Kirsty met

Kirsty did not suffer from any form of mental retardation

I think this is about all you need and as you can see Kirsty was a very
complex young lady that baffled the medical profession for many years.

Cause of death. Pulmonary oedema leading to cardiac arrest.