Camila R.

Camila R. (Argentina)

Camila was born April 4 from the 2000 to the 18:40 hs. in a clinic of Bs. Ace. Argentina.

With the following parameters: Weight 2,670 Kg., length 46cm, CC 36.6 c m.

The history of Camila at the moment of the birth was normal, everything began to the fifth month of life with fever of 39°, a convulsion,

and the lost look, the doctors said that it was flu-like drowsiness.

Camila slept 48 followed hs, the neurologist requested a CT scan where microcalcifications appeared, after this study they made her a MRI by which were confirmed the microcalcifications, moreover other studies were requested like the anlysis of the spinal fluid, electroencephalogram, electrocardiogram and an eye bottom to determine if she could see well.

After 17 months the doctors diagnosed her the Syndrome of Aicardi Goutières. Camila was no more hospitalized.

In the hospital pediatrics Garrahan the neurologist said that Camila should begin with rehabilitation, kinesiology, early stimulation and fonoaudiologia.

Today she has 1 year and eight months, it is very sensitive, she is in good health, she tries to speak, to walk, it grabs objects for if same, with the help of their mom she eats better and it plays with their siblings. Camila after the beginning with the treatments in a rehabilitation center has had a favorable improvement.